As an English Language Assistant abroad I’ve always found it useful to be able to search online for games, activities and lesson plans to use with my students. This part of the site is where I’ll post a selection of my own stuff – feel free to use it and pass it on.

Ice Breakers
Ice breakers are a useful way to get your students talking when you have a new class at the beginning of the year or term. These are meant to be short, introductory activities to be used at the start of a lesson, and allow students to get to know you and each other in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Games and Activities
I always find that doing games and fun activities is an effective way of keeping the attention of an entire class – introduce a little competition and the promise of a prize for the winner, and you’ll find your students will all of a sudden be riveted. Some of the games here can last for an entire lesson while others can be used as a fun way to end a lesson.

Full Lesson Plans
If you’re looking for something to cover an entire lesson, this is the place to go. Themed activities and handouts that can be adapted for a range of ages.

It’s always useful to have something up your sleeve in case your planned material doesn’t quite last until the end of the lesson. The activities here can be used to fill the last ten or fifteen minutes of a class, and most can be adapted to fit the topic that you have been covering.